Apptivo  is a powerful cloud based Business Management Software for all types of business to streamline the sales and marketing process prospecting till invoicing in one platform. It includes tools such as lead management, campaign management, intuitive dashboards, marketing automation, and communication needs. Apptivo is one of the highest rated cloud business management software suites  in the market and has over more than 160,000 companies that use it worldwide. Apptivo consists of over more than 50 integrated apps that work together to automate aspects of your business. Apptivo is everything you need in one cloud solution with a very affordable cost to provide the highest value in the industry. It is designed to provide a complete 360- degree view of the customers: CRM, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Invoicing and much more.

Features of Apptivo CRM

  • Lead Management : Easily convert existing leads into opportunities and track potential revenue.
  • Opportunity Management : An opportunity is the second step of the sales process and is a deal that you have the possibility to close. Easily convert into an opportunity from leads with Apptivo
  • Contacts Management : A simple online CRM system to store contacts, reminders, files, and communications history.
  • Project Management : Collaborate on tasks, projects and manage the time sheets.
  • Email Campaign : Apptivo Campaigns help to engage with the customers seamlessly anywhere.
  • Sales Tracking : Easily track all the sales activities in a smarter way. Manage your sales pipeline, stay on top of employee activities, and close more deals.
  • Invoices : Enable functional invoices for the orders and time sheets.
  • CRM and Billing : Track your sales and easily convert them into invoice to get paid quickly. Contacts<Customers<Leads<Opportunities<Estimates<Invoices
  • Procurement : Smoother the procurement with vendor tracking, inventory and purchasing.
  • Mobile App : This is one of the great advantages of the apptivo mobile apps, its stays completely in sync with the regular web application. There is no waiting for a data sync.
  • Benefits of Apptivo CRM

  • Lead Capture : Create leads manually, collect leads from web forms, emails, spend your time in collecting & managing leads and not in the system.
  • Simple: Simple and intuitive design to deliver information without hassles
  • Safe and Stable : All the data and files are secure; safe with Apptivo’s advanced safety technology.
  • G Suite Integration : Easily integrates with the G Suite tool for better performance
  • All-In-One : Apptivo’s All -in-One is a free on -the-go mobile app that powers most of  solutions in a single interface. Manage leads, customer support, send invoices, field trips and more from your smartphone.


HostCover is an Authorized Partner of Apptivo and ready to assist you to evaluate your needs. We have a team that can initially implement, configure apps, migrate data and provide training services support anywhere in India.

Why HostCover?

HostCover is a growing enabling cloud services firm, providing cloud computing services, Infrastructure as a services and Software as a services. We are in partnership with leading CRM Vendors. We’ve had the an opportunity of working across multiple industrial domains. We focus on providing advanced, high quality and cost effective services to our clients. HostCover can be your trusted partner in picking the right platform based on your business needs and requirements.

  • 50+ Satisfied Customers Across India

  • 24X7 Customer Support

Need a Demo?

We offer a one to one demo session to explain how you can use Apptivo for your business and can improve your work to boost performance and profitability. Reach out to sales@hostcover.in if you’re interested in demo and receiving a quote.

Need help?

We have dedicated resources to help you do everything from sell to set up, implementation and training service support reach out to apptivoservices@hostcover.in