What is it?

Shared Contacts for Gmail is a popular G Suite extension for sharing contact lists between Google users (G Suite accounts, but also @gmail.com users). Just like with Google Drive, it has different access levels – certain users may be allowed to edit or only view the contact lists.

Main advantages of the plugin:

Simplicity: In one click, you can share Google contact lists (aka “labels”) the same way you share folders in Google Drive or Google calendars. The shared contacts are managed directly in Google Contacts Manager: No need to use a third party app.

Flexibility: Once synchronized with ​Shared Contacts For Gmail®​, your shared contacts will be accessible through your mobile or your Microsoft Outlook.

Productivity: Save precious time by using shared contact labels, which is way faster and more effective than updating the same contacts individually.

Security: ​With Shared Contacts for Gmail, admin logs tell you exactly who created, modified or deleted a contact or a label and allows you to restore lost contacts at any point in time.

Where to find it?

The app can be easily downloaded from the official ​G Suite Marketplace ​and integrated with Gmail.

Our new main features for 2020

  1. Chrome extension:​Users will be able to share contacts directly from Google contacts, the same way they share Google Drive folders.
  2. Restoration feature:​Contacts are backed up daily and can be restored anytime, globally or per label at any point in time.
  3. Admin Logs​: Know exactly who creates, updates or delete contacts in your organization and when they did it.
  4. Directory Sharing:​Domain admins will be able to share their Directory (containing the contact details of the users of their G suite domain) with their domain users or users of other domains without creating a label for this purpose.
  5. New permissions:​Users will be able to designate other users as ​Owners of their contacts or to reshare the labels that were initially shared with them!

Shared Contacts for Gmail®’s features include:

  1. Unlimited sharing capabilities of address books across different Google domains
  2. Manageable permissions for users: Users can create, update or delete shared contacts according to assigned permission.
  3. Mobile, tablet and Outlook shared contact synchronization.
  4. Seamless Integration: your shared contacts will appear directly in the users’ Google Contact Manager.








Billed annually

(Total Rs.3000/user/year)

(Available only in 5 users pack)



Billed annually

(Total Rs.4200/user/year)

(From 5 users)




  Shared contact Group

Up to 10 shared contact groups


Shared contacts

Up to 250 shared contacts per group


  Mobile/Tablet & Outlook Sync



Permissions Management

✔ ✔

Email Support

✔ ✔

Sharing with Google groups


Sharing with external domains


Instant Synchronization*


*Price is exclusive of 18% GST Rate

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